Happy Birthday to Baale East Legion Commander, Alhaji Kabiru Adeboyejo.


Happy Birthday to the Managing Director & CEO of Benya Albarika Limited, Owner/Managing Director of Sprint N Limited, Alhaji Kabiru Adeboyejo.

Today is a day for recognizing all of the amazing achievements your precious life has yielded, including imparting your wisdom and experience to other people’s lives.

While leaders take people places they want to go, mentors like you help people go places they never knew they needed to go. Thousands of people thank you for all of your positive influences on their lives, especially those who are given away for free. Hajji supports humanity by providing shelter for the homeless and giving back to the community.

Just like you have made people’s lives sweet and amazing, it is our wish that the heavens would open their windows of blessings onto your life throughout the rest of your stay on this planet to make it sweet and lovely.

You are a remarkable person who’s earned my adoration and deep respect for how you’ve lived your life. May your birthday celebrations be just as amazing as you are to the world.

Celebrate your much-appreciated birthday with pride and joy; overall, you’ve accomplished it!

At NewsReport Corridor, we wish you a very happy birthday and many more.




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