Ghanaian Authority Send an alert to Fraudsters

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Ghanaian Authority Send an alert to Fraudsters

Ghanaian Authority Send an alert to Fraudsters

Ghanian authorities are on the lookout for yahoo boys; just a few days ago, 43 laptops and Indian herms were recovered in a raid involving Nigerians, and the police authority stated that they will not stop until the situation is resolved NewsReport gathered.


House owners have been warned by knowing who they are renting to, and week in and week out, police arrest more Nigerians who are into yahoo. It has been labeled that Nigerians have corrupted Ghanaians with their bad attitudes, but according to a Ghanian landlord who was interviewed, Ghanaians can’t pay the house rent Nigerians are paying, and even in terms of business, Nigerians change the business level if it weren’t for the bad attitudes Nigerians are generating.


A lady named Abenna said she almost lost hope when she lost her parents, and she does street hawking, but it was a Nigerian guy who buys from her who asked her out, but when she told him that Nigerians’ stories in their country are not good at all, he said it was a change of life for her, and she said her dream was achieved with the help of the Nigerian guy, and out of the bad eggs there are good eggs.



The story behind Nigerians and Ghanaians goes far beyond what people see successful businessmen and women dominate Ghana and with these business-minded people, it creates jobs for most Ghanaians because it is difficult to work in any large store without a Ghanian means of communication.


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