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Buhari cautions against imposing candidates.

Buhari cautions against imposing candidates.



Wema Bank Alat

Buhari cautions against imposing candidates.

The event came as President Muhammadu Buhari advised the party’s leadership against placing “unpopular candidates” who are unable to win elections on the party’s leadership.


NewsReport gathered that the president said, such acts in the past have drove out stronger aspirants who gained support in other parties, speaking at the APC’s 11th NEC meeting yesterday.

“We are going to be very tough,” the President said of criminals, stressing that the primary security difficulties have remained in the North-Central and North-West.

“I would like us to reflect on what the situation was before we came in. How many local government areas were under the control of terrorists in the North-East? In the South-South, we all know what the situation was; now we have relative peace. With the resources at our disposal, we have done very well.

People are very forgetful. Our main problems now are in the north-west and north-central. People are killing one another in these places. What for? We are going to be very tough, “he said.

The meeting was attended by President Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Senate President Ahmad Lawan, House Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila and other critical stakeholders who are members of the NEC.

The president also pleaded with all those in court to withdraw their cases and make use of internal party mechanisms.

He said: “I enjoin you all to follow due process in all the party processes and, more importantly, to develop more mechanisms against corruption.” I call on all party members to abide by all extant laws, rules, and regulations and on the leaders of our party to avoid the imposition of candidates that cannot win popular elections.

“This dictatorial behaviour cost us many strategic seats in the past. In the recent past, this led to some of our strongest members, unfortunately, opting to go elsewhere because of the unfairly oppressive behavior of party leaders at the state level.

“I must caution strongly against any tendency towards developing cliques or infighting within the party. We want to win well, not succumb to fractions on account of personal acerbities and the desire to retain control at all costs. That surely is the road to winning.

I enjoin you all to recognise the place of due process in all our tasks as managers of the party. We must develop party in-built mechanisms against corruption. Our success in 2023 will depend more on our capacity to respect our own extant rules and regulations.

“Now that the NEC has vested its powers in the NWC for the time being, as requested, and in compliance with the party’s constitution in the overall interest of the party, I want to assure Mr. Chairman and the entire NWC members of my full support.” I am constrained to go out of context so that the National Working Committee will be more encouraged that they should please go by this, the constitution of the party. Please, it is very important because how did the APC come about? The PDP thought they were going to be in power for a long time. When I say we ANPP, ACN, APGA, CPC, and another party (DPP), I mean we formed committees and gave the committees terms of reference to go and discuss how we could wrest power from the PDP.

They were not to take decisions, but they would make recommendations to their respective parties. Before we decided to come together, that would not be possible, and when we decided to come together, that is the very importance of coming together. Before they realised it, we had removed them from power. So, it is very important for the National Working Committee, and it is your job now to keep the party together.

If you have evidence of any governor, or myself, not doing very well, send your leadership to discuss the issue so that we can continue to move our country forward. There is no way, with the meagre resources we have and the time limitations we have, to develop differences among ourselves. We have no time for that. ”


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