David Oyedepo, the leading bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, sobbed hard after learning of the death of the white woman who introduced him to Christ 53 years ago.

NewsReport that Betty Lasher, 92, passed away recently. When Oyedepo was 15 years old, she helped him experience rebirth.

On Sunday, Oyedepo claimed that he wept after learning that his “mother in the Lord,” Lasher, had gone to be with the Lord.

“My mother in the Lord went home two nights ago, Betty Lasher. I sobbed. I rose and wrote a poem, 53 years ago she changed my life. I spoke to her last month. You said you are too fast, I am not hearing you too well.

“I sensed in my spirit, that her time had come. Her aide had to talk to me and tell it to her one by one. She went upstairs like a saint. She was 92 on her last birthday. Let me give you a clip, Sweet Mother, Sweet Savour, Sweet Memory,” Oyedepo

Oyedepo eulogised Lasher’s qualities, saying she was God’s agent that brought him out of darkness into light.

“Up till now, you better come and engage your heart. I said, “you have left an army behind who are following Jesus dedicatedly as you did”. A number of them great ministers of the gospel, a number of them professors, big time businessmen who are still following Jesus with all their heart”.

“Engage your heart in all you do. She got hold of me at 15 and I have still not forgotten. All these halfway following, halfway disappearing is not life. I have been given the grace to stick to wherever God leads me with all my heart. We shall all finish well. No one will miss his place in heaven.

“If I don’t know anything, I know sweet mommy is in her mansion. I know she has a crown right now because if I wasn’t saved, I won’t be in ministry. Whatever people got saved here will also be credited to her account. That is what happens to people you are leading to Christ,” he said.




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