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AY Threatens Julius Agwu With Lawsuit for This Reason



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AY Threatens Julius Agwu With Lawsuit for This Reason

Ayo Makun, better known by his stage name of AY, has responded to Julius Agwu after the latter accused him of bewitching him and hanging up the phone on him.


Agwu responded that there may be more at stake than just the N30,000 payment in the ongoing dispute between Ayo Makun and Basketmouth. He also asserted that AY hung up on him when he learned the comedian was planning to stage a show on the same Easter Sunday that he usually hosts his comedy show. NewsReport gathered.

Before making comments about AY and Bright Okpocha’s, aka Basketmouth’s, feud, Agwu had earlier mentioned that AY bewitched him after he made a call to challenge him for fixing his show on Easter Sunday, which happens to be the same day he had fixed his own show.

Agwu alleged that his sickness started after he answered AY’s call. He lost weight and ended up having surgery to remove the tumor in his head.

Responding to the allegations, AY shared screenshots of the dates he held his shows and the dates Agwu held his. He also shared pictures of his family hanging out with Agwu and revealed they both attended each other’s shows.

“The truth remains the only ultimate power to downplay all the lies in a place where the internet never forgets.”

“Dear senior colleague, Julius Agwu, my question is, how is it even possible to lay claim to the fact that I took over your Easter Sunday date with verifiable facts?”

Vowing to file a lawsuit against Agwu, he wrote, “Should this continue without any proof to your claims that I bewitched you, I will be filing a slanderous lawsuit against you for consistently trying to damage my reputation.

“Finally, projecting peace across boards doesn’t make me weak.” “Neither am I seeking any form of unnecessary friendship that is laced with negativity.”

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