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24-year-old man Sentenced to Jail for Raping and Infecting his Niece with HIV.



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24-year-old Man Sentenced to Jail for Raping and Infecting his Niece with HIV.


NewsReport Nigeria | May 11, 2021



A 24-year-old Zimbabwean man has been sentenced to 33 years in prison for raping his 9-year-old grade-three niece and also infecting her with HIV.

NewsReport Nigeria gathered that the man who has been staying at the same house with his sister and her children, reportedly took advantage of his sister’s absence to rape his niece on multiple occasions between March and April.

This on-line information learnt that the pervert uncle allegedly snuck into the room where his nieces were sleeping and raped the 9-year-old, according to the court. The 9-year-old shared a bed with her four- and two-year-old sisters.

After the little girl refused to sleep in the room, the sad abuses were discovered. When her older sister inquired about her apprehension, the 9-year-old revealed that her uncle had been rapping her.

The incident was confirmed to the authorities, and a medical examination found that the minor had been infected with HIV.

When he was arraigned before Regional Magistrate Mr Christopher Maturure on two counts of raping his niece and one count of intentionally infecting her with HIV, the man pleaded not guilty and made a strong defense.

However, his deception did not succeed, and after a thorough hearing, the judge found him guilty.

The uncle who used his place of confidence to prey on his sister’s child received harsh punishment from the magistrate.

He said that his sentence would act as a deterrent to other like-minded would-be criminals, and he was given a 33-year sentence.

Maturure, according to the Chronicle, said:

Because of your behaviour, her life has completely changed. You are sentenced to 18 years in prison for rape and 15 years in prison for intentionally infecting the complainant.”

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