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TradingView, the worldwide leader in trading and market analysis, is extending its reach to Nigeria.



TradingView, the worldwide leader in trading and market analysis, is extending its reach to Nigeria.
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TradingView, the worldwide leader in trading and market analysis, is extending its reach to Nigeria.



For the hundreds of thousands of active traders in Nigeria, TradingView needs no introduction. The global platform is renowned for its charts, its social space, and its widgets, which are ubiquitous in the market.

For the average person, let’s just say that TradingView is to traders what Instagram is to lifestyle influencers: an essential tool.

Anyone who has traded or is trading will tell you that information is indispensable, if not essential, to developing a strategy, no matter how you trade.

TradingView is by far the most popular software when it comes to compiling and organizing information into interactive charts, in real-time or with a time delay depending on the source of the data.

For example, TradingView displays NSENG-sourced charts in real-time for those wishing to trade local stocks.

Those trading foreign stocks are also well served, as TradingView works closely with most exchanges around the world. And for those who trade cryptos, you won’t find better tools, as even Binance and Luno work closely with TradingView to provide their users with the best charting solutions available on the market.

In this article, we give you a few things to understand why you need TradingView if you’re a trader or investor.

What is TradingView?
It’s a popular online platform designed specifically for traders, investors, and analysts. It offers every conceivable tool and functionality for analyzing the financial markets, creating charts, tracking quotes in real-time, carrying out technical analysis, and collaborating with other traders. TradingView is best known for providing its users with:

Interactive charts:
The platform allows you to build advanced charts for a variety of markets, including equities, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more.

These charts are highly customizable using different time scales, technical indicators, drawings, and templates. Watching bitcoin prices or monitoring forex rates has never been more effective.

Technical analysis:
As mentioned above, a wide range of technical indicators are available on TradingView, as well as a panoply of analysis tools, such as moving averages, Bollinger bands, RSI, trend lines, and so on.

These tools help traders make informed buying and selling decisions.

TradingView, the worldwide leader in trading and market analysis, is extending its reach to Nigeria.








Real-time trading:
TradingView provides real-time market data, allowing traders to follow live quotes and react quickly to price movements.

There is even the option of activating alerts (which you can receive by email or text message) when a predefined change occurs on the chart. This option allows traders to avoid missing out on opportunities even when they are offline.

Community and sharing:
TradingView users can share their analyses, trading ideas, and charts with the community on the platform, which is designed as a social network. You can also follow traders you find talented and interesting.

The screener:
TradingView offers a market search tool that enables users to find trading opportunities based on various criteria, such as volatility, volume, technical indicators, etc.

Learning how to use the stock screener and other tools will come in handy in any analysis.

Mobile application:
TradingView has an application available for iOS, iPad OS, and Android that enables traders to monitor the markets more effectively, even on the move.

Integration with brokers:
Many online brokers offer integration with TradingView, enabling traders to execute orders directly from the platform. And now that the company has an operational team in the country, there is no doubt that Nigerian brokers will be joining the platform very soon.

Over time, TradingView has become an indispensable tool for traders of all experience levels, from beginners to professionals, due to its user-friendliness, rich range of technical analysis tools, social features, and real-time data. All are available for free to subscribers who can do without the advanced features.

Community involvement:
TradingView is also actively working to get closer to its local community. Influential traders who would like to play a community role can reach TradingView’s Regional Manager, Alex Emeka, by emailing him at

A minimum of ten thousand followers on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram is required. TradingView is happy to work with interested parties to develop local activities.

Nigeria is a very dynamic market with a growing number of stock traders, forex traders, crypto investors, and brokers.

Most of them already use TradingView in one way or another, so it was only natural that the multinational decided to get closer to its users in the region.

The website and mobile apps are available to everyone. Widgets are also available free of charge for all websites wishing to display financial data in real-time. We can now take full advantage of TradingView in Nigeria.

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