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Southwest and the Northerners are in a Good Relationships- Olaide Akinremi



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Southwest and the Northerners are in a Good Relationships- Olaide Akinremi


NewsReport Nigeria March 4, 2021



The House of Committee on Science and technology Chairman, Rep. Olaide Akinremi criticized the decision of the Amalgamated Union of Food and Cattle Dealers of Nigeria, to stop the transportation of food to the southwest and other parts of the South.


Olaide Akinremi gave his view while receiving an award on Wednesday from the Global Watch magazine, as the “Best Lawmaker of the Year”, 2020


The lawmaker who is also known in the House and his constituency as “Jagaban”, reiterated that Yoruba and the Hausa-Fulani communities in Shasha, notwithstanding the recent clashes, have co-existed for over 8 decades in peace.


“The incident that occurred in Shasha, was rather unfortunate. Hausas have been there for more than 90 years; they have settled and we have co-existed and intermarried. People know us as people of peace. It was unfortunate, but that is not to say Northerners will stop transporting commodities and food to the south. We are one people; we have co-existed and inter-married, for several years.


“Yoruba people have a very healthy relationship with Northerners; this incidence is just unfortunate”, he said.



The lawmaker called on leaders of the communities, to encourage and promote peace, instead of fueling violence and division between tribes and regions of the country.


He also appreciated an award given to him in Abuja, by the management of the Global Watch Magazine.


“I appreciate this award. This is the fifth award I’m receiving this year. I thank God for his infinite mercies, for this award.


“Anytime I receive awards without monetary attachment, I appreciate them more. Some of these awards, such as yours, without monetary attachment, is encouraging. You have encouraged me to do more for my people, by giving me this award”, he added.

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