Many people will find it difficult to believe, yet there is a big floating hotel in the form of a plane that can transport 5,000 people across the sky.

Sky Cruise is the name of this aircraft-hotel. Everything you could possibly want in a premium resort will be there.

Restaurants, bars, gyms, theatres, swimming pools, and even a shopping mall are among the amenities you can discover within this plane-hotel, which is hung above the skies.

The Sky Cruise will be piloted by artificial intelligence (Al) and will be powered by 20 nuclear-powered engines.

The concept of this plane-hotel was revealed by the designer Hashem Al-Ghaii this week.

This was posted on YouTube. In the video, Al-Ghaili described the Sky Cruise as “the future of transport.”


Al-Ghaii said the hotel will be able to remain suspended in the air for years without ever touching the ground.

The idea is that airlines will have to fly guests to and from the luxury resort in electric planes.

This futuristic sky hotel will have a big hall offering 360-degree views.

There are also external glass elevators connecting the hall to the main deck.

The truth is that this Sky Cruise is not meant for people who are afraid of heights.

On each side of the Sky Cruise there will also be three balconies, which Al-Ghaili calls “viewing domes” where guests can stargaze or see the northern lights.

Another thing that guests of this Sky Cruise won’t worry about is trouble on air.

Supposedly, its Al systems can “predict air turbulence minutes before it happens” before intervening to prevent guests feeling any vibrations.

Al-Ghaili says the hotel will simply, “glide over it.”

No one will have to worry about the carbon footprint of the sky hotel either.

The Sky Hotel’s 20 electric engines will be powered by “clean nuclear energy.” What this means is that it’ll never run out of fuel.

With all of this, this supercar of the sky seems a bit too good to be true. So, we’ll wait until it has made it past the design stage.




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