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Reps demand body cameras for security officers as a form of power abuse.

Reps demand body cameras for security officers as a form of power abuse.



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Reps demand body cameras for security officers as a form of power abuse.

Reps demand body cameras for security officers as a form of power abuse.



During plenary, members of the House of Representatives


NewsReport gathered that the Federal Government has been asked by the House of Representatives to provide body cameras to security officers and men in Nigeria, as well as to set up situation centers across the country to monitor their operations.


The body cams, according to the House, will help checkmate situations of power abuse and human rights violations.


The House encouraged the government at all levels to give body cameras to all security personnel on duty across the country, especially Nigeria Customs Service officers.


The House also instructed its Committees on Police Affairs, Army, and National Security and Intelligence to ensure that the decision was followed.


The resolution was based on a motion moved at the plenary on Thursday by a member, Chinedu Martins, titled ‘Need to Provide Body-Worn Cameras for Security Operatives in the Country and Create a Situation Room.’


Moving the motion, Martins noted that the security of lives and properties of the citizens is a primary responsibility of the government.


According to him, security agencies have been exploring solutions to mitigate the growing insecurity in the country, especially considering the lack of adherence to rules of engagement on the part of security operatives on duty.


The lawmaker also noted that a body camera is a wearable audio-visual or photographic system that integrates with in-car video and is used to record events involving law enforcement officers in order to improve transparency and accountability of law enforcement agencies.


Martins said, “The House is concerned about allegations of harassment, extortion, and extrajudicial killings of citizens by security operatives, which often results in reprisals and uprising by the citizens.


“The House is convinced that security operatives, who often experience litigious scrutiny over their conduct in the discharge of their duties, ought to wear body cameras in order to have picture and video evidence of their activities;


“The House is cognizant that the body cameras will keep the security operatives in check, considering the massive allegations of human rights violation by security operatives and lack of evidence to indict them.


“The House is also cognisant that the introduction of body cameras will not only douse tension and promote trust and professionalism among the security agencies but will also institutionalize the rules of engagement to foster a harmonious relationship between security operatives and the citizenry.”

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