Portable: Davido feels too big in the music Industry.


Fans are unhappy with the problems Davido and Portable have been experiencing for a few days, but on the other hand, they are merely waiting to hear from Davido, who has been quite busy for a few days.

News Report that Portable uploaded a certain video to his Instagram account with the intention of inspiring his friends and followers. However, it was later discovered that Portable actually created the video for Davido because he believes Davido has achieved too much success in the music industry.

He said he is not happy about what Davido did to him on social media especially on Instagram because Davido unfollow him and to him he did nothing wrong to take such punishment from OBO but all he is saying is that everyone has his own way if living.

Just this afternoon he drop other video which he said that back in his days Davido dash him some amount of money and he made it clear that he never spent it alone he shared it with Poco lee and others.




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