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Over 1,000 Gunmen attack Niger Town and Kidnap a Large Number of People



Wema Bank Alat

Over 1,000 Gunmen attack Niger Town and Kidnap a  Large Number of People


NewsReport Nigeria May 6, 2021



The attack comes just days after the governor of Niger State, Abubakar Bello, confirmed the presence of Boko Haram militants in the state.


NewsReport Nigeria gathered that unknown gunmen kidnapped over 100 people in Niger state’s Shadadi town, killing eight and injuring four.


According to a source who spoke with BBC Hausa, over 1,000 gunmen attacked the town on Wednesday and committed the act.


The attack comes just days after the governor of Niger State, Abubakar Bello, confirmed the presence of Boko Haram militants in the state.


The worst-affected area by the latest attack is Shadadi town in the Mariga Local Government Area, where thousands of residents have fled, according to eyewitnesses.


According to some residents, the number of people killed and kidnapped in Wednesday’s attack could reach 100, but the state government claims the number of kidnapped is lower.


According to an eyewitness from another town, the gunmen arrived in large numbers and began shooting sporadically at the people, killing 8 people instantly and injuring 4 others.


According to the resident, the majority of the residents of the town have now relocated to neighboring towns such as Kontagora.



The Commissioner of Niger State Sani Idris, who confirmed the incident to the BBC, stated that the number of those killed and kidnapped is not as high as eyewitnesses claimed.



He went on to say that the government is still compiling figures and that the state government is seeking federal assistance with the insecurity that is plaguing the state.



As of the time of filing this report, it was unclear whether the attack was carried out by bandits or Boko Haram militants, but neither party had claimed responsibility.



The governor of Niger State recently stated that Boko Haram terrorists raised their flag in a part of the state.



According to the governor, the insurgents also kidnapped the wives of some of the villagers.



“I confirm that there are Boko Haram elements here in Niger state, here in Kaure, and that they have raised their flags here.



“Their wives were kidnapped and forcibly attached to Boko Haram members. I just heard that they’ve planted flags at Kaure, indicating that they’ve taken over the territory.



“This is what I have been engaging the federal government on, unfortunately, it has now got to this level. If care is not taken, even Abuja is not safe.



“We’ve been saying it for far too long. “All of our efforts have been in vain,” said the governor.



Terrorists, according to Bello, are attempting to turn Niger into another Borno State, which has been their base for some time.



“Sambisa is several kilometers from Abuja, but Kaure is only two kilometers away. As a result, no one is safe, not even those in Abuja.



“Now is the time to take action. “All hands must be on deck; this is not just a fight for Niger state,” he said.


The governor, on the other hand, vowed to “take action,” saying he would no longer wait for anyone.

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