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Nigerians will Remain Donkey if they Refused to Talk- Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti.



Wema Bank Alat

Nigerians will Remain Donkey if they Refused to Talk- Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti.


NewsReport Nigeria February 12, 2021



If Nigerians refused to talk or act they will remain mumu said many years ago.

We have no direction in this country called Nigeria lives were lost at lekki toll gate over fighting for our rights APC leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu claim he knew nothing about the army shooting, governor of the Lagos State claim he also know nothing about the Killing of peaceful protesters, but why are they now in a hurry to bring back the TollGate.

Is it that without the Toll Gate the States can not generate money from other resources.

Zombie oh Zombie 2x song.

Late Fela Anikulapo said in his song that Zombie was asked to burnt his house and kill, Late Afro beat legends Mother was killed.

Is it that zombie still exist, killing Innocent Peaceful Protesters at lekki toll gate can’t they think twice before taking action?

My country called “NIGERIA” Army Killing innocent people at the lekki toll gate this is a country were by properties are valuable than lives.

If properties as know value than human been why is there an order for the reopening of the Tollgate what value those the tollgate had to the country after all people complain bitterly over the money being collected at the toll gate.

In a statement from Bola Ahmed Tinubu he said I am not the owner of the Toll Gate so I think we should now channel our request to the Lagos State governor about the Tollgate reopening

Why do you want the toll gate to be reopened?

During the End Sars protest hoodlums invaded police station killed policemen burnt police station in the cost of the lekki shooting to my surprise, we elected the government not the policemen.

Compeciation went to all the police in serves that were affected by the incidence why is it that victims which soldiers killed were not compeciate

Citizens lives has no value to our leaders #badgovernance is what is been practice, that is what we are fighting for brutality killing this was the request during the #EndSars protest.

Election 2023 is coming soon we are the people to still elect you into power, we are still the one you order soldiers to kill, well government are not to blame but the poverty level in the country will not allow us to stand on the right.

Late Fela Anikulapo said one of the leaders among us will be offered 1 million breads just to become a useless chief then he will share hundred thousand breads just to capture the people.

Very soon APC and PDP the most ruling party in Nigeria will start campaigning for 2023 elections and hundreds thousand breads will be shared to those you ordered soldiers to kill there children.

Citizens wake up our Mumu don do

We all understand what is  democracy is all about so we youth have to be wise.

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