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McCain, 24, Married 61-year-old McGregor.

McCain, 24, Married 61-year-old McGregor.



McCain, 24, married 61-year-old McGregor.

McCain, 24, married 61-year-old McGregor.

Cheryl McGregor, 61, a grandmother of 17, and Quran McCain, 24, of Georgia, United States, have married NewsReport gathered.


This online information learned that the couple’s relationship and engagement went viral months ago, and they are now married.

They married on September 3 and livestreamed it for their TikTok followers to watch.

Quran was 15 when they first met in 2012, working at a fast-food restaurant owned by Cheryl’s son, Chris. They didn’t start dating until Quran was 23 years old, last year.

After the wedding, Quran stated, “We were live on TikTok for the wedding.”

“My best friends were there, and afterward, we went to Bones BBQ Joint and had a delicious meal.

“We then returned to our hotel and slept for two hours.”

Despite receiving a lot of negative feedback online about their 37-year age difference, the couple has remained together and continues to keep their fans updated on their lives.



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