In the event that war breaks out in Nigeria, what I’ll do- Peter Obi


Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, has vowed to stay in Nigeria if war should break out.

NewsReport that Peter Obi claimed that even if he was abroad during a war, he would still find a way to get back because he would rather perish in Nigeria than enjoy freedom elsewhere.

The remarks were made by the Labour Party’s presidential hopeful during a virtual interactive session with more than a thousand of his most ardent supporters, the Peter Obi Support Network.

He told the gathering that even though he has everything he needs to obtain resident permits and citizenship rights in any part of the world he wishes, he has deliberately avoided taking any resident permit from any other country of the world because he believes that Nigeria is the “only country I have.”

Obi said, “When I left the UK after residing there for over 10 years, I returned everything that belonged to them. I have a singular focus on Nigeria, and I do not think I need the citizenship or residence rights of any other country when I haven’t finished exploiting my nature-given rights and privileges as a Nigerian.

“If I am out of Nigeria today and there is a war in Nigeria, I will find a way to return to Nigeria because I will rather die in my country, Nigeria, than live free in another man’s country.”

Obi, however, urged everyone, especially those in the diaspora, to contribute to Nigeria’s development in whatever capacity they could.

He commended the efforts of diaspora Nigerians in developing the country and urged them not to relent because no matter how comfortable they get in another country, Nigeria will always be their home.

He said, “I love Nigeria irrevocably, and I believe no matter how far we travel or how successful we become outside Nigeria, we can never have another country to call our own but Nigeria. This is why I have continued to do whatever I can within my personal and group capabilities to support Nigeria’s march to greatness.”




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