Ghanaians have been urged to remain wary of terrorist strikes.

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Ghanaians have been urged to remain wary of terrorist strikes.


The Chairman of the Christian Praise International Centre (CPIC), Bishop Professor Stephen Owusu Jackson, has urged Ghanaians to be watchful in order to prevent terrorism and extremist activity in the country News Report learned.


Despite the country’s security forces’ readiness, he warned, fighting terrorism would be a mammoth effort without collective responsibility.


Following cautionary notifications sent by the Ministry of National Security to religious groups, Bishop Jackson made the plea in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Thursday.

He said beyond the cautioned notices, the public must be educated on terrorism to enhance their security consciousness and keep them alert to identify suspicious activities.

Bishop Jackson said although the call on all was important it was not enough to prevent the menace.

The Chairman said there was the need to create awareness on terrorism among the populace, saying the word terrorism should be everywhere for the people to know it is real.

He called for support for the security agencies to help deal with the emerging threats which have been occasioned by political instability in the West Africa sub-region

Bishop Prof. Jackson urged the security agencies to sensitize local communities on terrorist activities to prepare them for any unforeseen circumstances.

He appealed to the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) to ensure that borders in their jurisdiction were kept safe and secure to prevent unlawful entry and [penetration by terrorists.

Bishop Prof. Jackson also appealed to Ghanaians to pray ceaselessly to God for progress and sustainable development.




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