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Former Chelsea Midfielder Joe Cole Advised Mason to Focus and take his Mind away from the Trophy.




Former Chelsea Midfielder Joe Cole Advised Mason to Focus and take his Mind away from the Trophy.



NewsReport Nigeria May 29, 2021




Former Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole spoke to us out in Porto ahead of tonight’s final against Manchester City, with Cole also recalling his memories of the build-up to the 2008 final and how one moment from that day, in particular, encouraged him to offer a word of advice to Mason Mount, when chatting to the midfielder earlier this week.


‘I told Mason not to look at the trophy,’ explains Joe. ‘Which might sound a little strange but it was something I did in 2008 and I think it put me out of my zone ever so slightly.


Cole told Mason that his still a young lad with his career ahead of him and hopefully this will be the first of many Champions League finals he plays in with Chelsea, he further said that Mason should play the game and not the occasion, focus as you normally would do and just enjoy.


‘The players will feel the buzz leading up to the game but at the end of the day, they have to be professional footballers and just try and channel that as they normally would, prepare in the same way they have been doing all season,’ added Cole.


‘Nobody within the club would have expected Chelsea to be in this position at the turn of the year. It was more of a hope, whereas for City I think it was more of an expectation. They’ve never won the Champions League and they brought Pep Guardiola in for this project, so I think the pressure is on them a little more than Chelsea.


‘Thomas Tuchel has come in at Chelsea and done a really good job and it’s going to be really interesting seeing him and Pep go up against one another again. Tuchel obviously had the upper hand in the two recent games, but this is a final and anything can happen.’




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