One of the housemates in Big Brother Naija’s seventh season, Bella, has expressed her unwavering love for Sheggz.

Bella admitted to Doyin that she has strong feelings for Sheggz and that she is willing to take a chance on winning the big prize in order to keep the relationship alive.

According to her, she does not mind if the relationship is the only thing she takes away from the Big Brother House.

“I can’t hide my feelings anymore, I actually really like this guy, I don’t care about what anybody says. I don’t care about whatever Big Brother will say about us tomorrow or anything.

“The only thing is, I will change a little bit. When it comes to tasks, I will concentrate on tasks…I really cannot hide my feelings anymore…Even if its this relationship I take away from this house, I don’t mind”, she stated.

Bella got knocked during her Wednesday diary session after she tried to apologise to Big Brother on Sheggz’ behalf. Biggie did not find her message appropriate and queried who made her his spokesperson.

It appears that Bella does not mind being sanctioned by Biggie for constantly defending, Sheggz.

Recall that the lovebirds also got in trouble on Tuesday, after Big Brother issued them a stern warning for refusing to pull their weight into their task and sabotaging their teammates because they were not paired together.




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