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BBC Reporter was Slammed by a Police Officer in Oyo State.



Wema Bank Alat

BBC Reporter was slammed by a Police officer in Oyo State.



NewsReport Nigeria June 12, 2021




In attempting to record the harassment of demonstrators by security officers, a reporter, working with BBC Pidgin was slammed.


A policeman identified as S. A. Oke attacked him. The police also took the phone of the reporter.


Any protestors refusing to listen to their orders have also been killed by the police officer. Officers have been told that “democratic protest is unlawful.”


In peaceful protestation against bad government, public corruption, various types of mismanagement, and rising insecurity throughout Canada, many Nigerians have come to the streets.


Just like the #EndSARS protests that rocked Nigeria in October 2020, protests organized on June 12 are being held at the same time in the different cities across the federation, including the state of Lagos, the economic hub of Nigeria, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Abuja is organizing some civil society organizations and activists, without a particular central leadership structure.


The organizers of the June 12 protests have decided to call on Nigerians to boycott the official activities organized by the authorities to honor this day and to participate in the protests in their communities.


The protest, which organizers started arranging a few weeks ago, aims to pressure the administration headed by President Muhammadu Buhari to take responsibility for providing Nigerians with decent governance and protection of life and property.


In the last week before the demonstration, the Buhari administration banned Twitter campaigns from protesting on various social media platforms.


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