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At the Forbes Awards, Osinbajo Claims that Nigeria attracted $10 billion in investment this year.

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice President, announced over the weekend that the country has received $10 billion…



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VP Osinbanjo

At the Forbes Awards, Osinbajo claims that Nigeria attracted $10 billion in investment this year.


News Report August 10, 2021



At the Forbes Awards, Osinbajo claims that Nigeria attracted $10 billion in investment this year.


Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice President, announced over the weekend that the country has received $10 billion in investment in the first half of the year NewsReport gathered.


Despite the fact that investment announcements are not actual investments, they show that investors are interested in Nigeria.


Osinbajo made the announcement during a speech at the Forbes Best of Africa award ceremony, which was hosted online by the Foreign Investment Network (FIN) in cooperation with Forbes and featured three Nigerians among the prize recipients.


FIN Leadership and Philanthropy Roundtable Discussion and Forbes Best of Africa Award was the title of the event.


“Nigeria is open for business, and the investment climate is improving,” the vice president stated. Nigeria announced $10.1 billion in investment in the first half of 2021, a 100 percent increase over the same period in 2020.


“Investors from China, Morocco, and the United Kingdom have made significant pledges, and this administration is working tirelessly to ensure that these commitments become projects that benefit our countries.”


Mr. Niyi Adebanjo, Minister of Industries, Trade, and Investment, represented Osinbajo at the event, expressed satisfaction at being associated with the award ceremony, saying it was an opportunity to honor the best of Africa’s exemplary leaders in trade and industry.


Rev. Paul Adefarasin, Pastor of the Church on the Rock; Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh, Group Executive Chairman of Mahtari Group and Founder of Zinox Technologies; and Mr. Mahmood Ahmadu, Founder and Executive Chairman of OIS, also known as Online Integrated Solutions Limited, were the Nigerian recipients of the award.


Ekeh earned the Forbes ‘Best of Africa Leading Tech’ award, while Adefarasin won the Forbes ‘Best of Africa Most Influential Personality of the Year 2021′ award.


Ahmadu was also named the winner of the award for “Best of Africa Corporate Vision Leadership.”


Adefarasin thanked Forbes Global and the FIN for the honor, stating, “On behalf of all the fine people who make up my team, especially my wife and my family, I hereby accept the award.” He added, “My goal is to inspire.” Forbes, on the other hand, measures the impact of inspiration. Because God has provided Africa with vast natural and human resources, there should be no poverty on the continent.


“Our difficulty, on the other hand, is and has been the subject of vision and leadership over the previous millennium. Poor leadership and management science inadequacy are Africa’s major challenges. We all know how difficult it is to handle our tremendous endowments and possibilities.


“However, the good news is that things are changing and times are changing, thus this prize signifies that a messenger of hope’s vocal and other exhortations are not without meaning; that the African dream is still alive.


“I am a firm believer in Africa’s dream. I am a firm believer in Africa. I believe in Africa’s youth, especially because through their efforts, a new Africa is emerging from the old. Gone are the dormant ideas of the past, as well as the contradictory regimental command and control economies.” In a similar spirit, Ekeh acknowledged his gratitude for the prize.


He said the award validated his decision to return to Nigeria after completing his graduate and postgraduate studies overseas, despite not knowing whether Africa will experience a technology revolution in the next 30 years.


However, he claims that the Zinox Group, which he founded 30 years ago, has grown to be the largest technology integrated group in Sub-Saharan Africa, with eight successful entities that “have been able to bring to reality the power of technology in transforming lives and bringing many into the digital ecosystem and providing employment to 5000 people and indirect employment to over 250,000 people.”


“The globe is, in fact, a technologically global village right now. Technology is still the only profession in the world today that can turn an impoverished youngster into the world’s richest person.”


In a similar vein, Ahmadu expressed gratitude for his honor, which he claimed would be his second in two years in 2020 and 2021.


Ms. Olayinka Fayomi, FIN’s Chairman, said that leadership and philanthropy were critical to Africa’s economic future, noting that they had “helped countries all over the world fight poverty, support the building of health and educational infrastructure, improve our social-economic standing, and help to strengthen our democratic institutions.” Indeed, the charity has aided in the improvement of the world.”


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