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AKMODEL GROUPS M.D Presents A Car Gift To The Top Realtor



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AKMODEL GROUPS M.D Presents a car gift to the the top realtor



AKMODEL GROUPS M.D Presents a car gift


It was a happy day for Madam Busayo, the newest recipient of a car from the AKMODEL GROUPS.



At the presentation, the Managing Director, Builder (Dr.) Abdulhakeem Odegade, congratulated her saying;



*”We made a promise and to God be the glory, we are fulfilling this promise today by presenting you with a car as the Top Selling Realtor of AKMODEL Homes and Properties. This is an avenue for other consultants to also do the same so that the other available cars can be theirs too.”.*



A very happy and elated Mrs. Busayo thanked the management of AKMODEL GROUPS, she said:



*”Thank you AKMODEL for this beautiful car, by the grace of God, by December we will be winning Mercedes Benz from AKMODEL GROUPS. This is just to tell us to work harder, when one is given something, it is a motivation to the person to put more efforts. We are growing together and we will continue to grow, thank you.”*



This gesture is just the fulfilment of a promise given, AKMODEL never fails.


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