Democracy is generally understood to be a form of governance where the people themselves hold the ultimate authority and exercise it either directly or indirectly through a system of representation, typically one that involves regularly scheduled free elections.

To a very respectable extent, the Osun election was legitimate, free, and fair, resulting in a result that was challenging for any sincere opponent in the election.

A crucial component of democratic governance is elections. Due to direct democracy, a system of government in which every eligible person directly decides on major issues.

Nationwide, politics have become a battlefield. At political parties, tragic incidents have always resulted from people’s desperation to either win or keep political office.

Politicians may be motivated by national interests or have easy access to national resources, which may explain the lies and murder that go on there.

Politics shouldn’t be a do-or-die situation. Our political leaders have done terrible damage to democracy. Almost every government employee is a “law,” with little or no legal accountability for their actions or inactions. Nigeria’s democracy must be run on a foundation of peaceful political succession and rigorous devotion to the rule of law, not the rule of men, if it is to flourish.

A scripture in the Book of Ecclesiastes says that “to everything there is a time.

Religion is a kind of collection of guidelines for how people should coexist peacefully in society. Democracy has entirely failed if it is unable to accomplish this. The same is true of religion: if it compromises its precepts, it turns into a tool of human oppression and devastation.

Justice is what we’re referring to in the sense that as citizens of a nation, we expect our government to provide the necessities of life. We anticipate that the government will act morally and that it will be effective and efficient. The practice of religion is similar to that. It is a collection of values that serve as a roadmap for life. The notion of justice, which calls for treating everyone equally, is one of these ideals.

Following the introduction of the INEC timetable, the countdown to the 2023 general election started, and the intensity of political talks and intrigues in the nation have increased. Many people have stated their intention to run for president.

Whoever is chosen is expected to deliver on their promises and put the needs of Nigerians before their own interests. Due to the country’s high poverty rate and LASU strike, education has lost all importance.




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