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FATHERS DAY: Best of Everything for the father. FATHER STAR.




FATHERS DAY: Best of everything for the father. FATHER STAR.


NewsReport  June 20, 2021



May God keep you alive daddy so that you can keep us alive. grin


Aside from jokes, for our fathers, we should do more. Forget the bravado, some people genuinely want the link with us, but pride doesn’t let them express it. It just feels like this boat has sailed and they simply have to sit back and wish you all the best. You the kid knows it, you’re pleased to call, but you’re determined to be a child of perdition.


They only have one day in a year, yet it is undervaluation, relegation, and under-celebration somehow. Someone like Tonto will still notice you attempting to drag with it today as well. For our fathers, we can do better.


All responsible fathers, happy father’s day. Good news, JeffreyJunior’s day for prospective fathers, attempt to meet you before menopause.


My heartfelt sympathies to all our readers who lost their fathers.

NewsReport says, Happy Fathers Day,


E go better… E go better…



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